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Commit to be fit package .Access to our secured monitored facility. The VIP Fit App to track your workout. VIP fast start program: 30 Min private orientation session.
5 Months of Unlimited Boot camp classes and the 24/7 gym to keep you healthy.
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Step 1: Account Information

1.     Member represents and warrants that all facts stated in the Health Assessment Questionnaire


submitted by Member are true and correct.

2. TERM. All memberships of VIP Fit Club (Amor Enterprises, LLC) are either month-to-month or annual (when paid in full), and Payments are due in advance. Automatic drafts will not be cancelled without thirty (30) days written notice, either by certified mail, hand-delivery to the management of VIP Fit Club or by electronic means (i.e., email In addition, the 24/7 key fob must be returned in order for membership EFT to stop. No refunds will apply. Should Member select the Monthly Draft Payment option (EFT), Member agrees to pay the one time activation fee and the current monthly Membership Fees each month thereafter through automatic withdrawals from an account Maintained by Member in a financial institution, pursuant to a debit authorization form signed by Member.

3. DEFAULT/REMEDIES. Any monthly payment received more than ten (10) days after the due date

shall be subject to a late charge of ten percent (10%) of the amount due or Twenty Dollars ($20.00), whichever is greater.

4. RELEASES AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY. Member recognizes that there are hazards and risks

connected with physical fitness training. These risks include, but are not limited to, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, heart disorders and heart attack, dehydration, heat exhaustion, sprains, muscle strain, blisters, stress fracture, shin splints, tendonitis, cartilage tears, bursitis, back pain and bruising of joints. Exercise beyond one's physical limits and/or accidents involving exercise equipment may result in serious injury or even death.

Member agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless VIP Fit Club & Amor Enterprises, LLC any loss, damage or expense Incurred by reason of any claim or liability based upon personal injury (including death) or property Damage arising out of the negligent or intentional action of Member. Member further agrees to release VIP Fit Club & Amor Enterprises, LLC, and its owners, officers, agents, employees and/or affiliates from any and all liability arising out of injury to Member, and further agrees to defend, indemnify and hold VIP Fit Club its owners, officers, employees and/or affiliates free and harmless from against the same.

5. RULES AND REGULATIONS. Member acknowledges that VIP Fit Club (& Amor Enterprises, LLC) operates under rules and a regulation established for the safety and protection of its members and agrees to be bound by such rules and regulations, as well by the rules and regulations subsequently approved and posted or otherwise published by VIP Fit Club. Such rules and regulations in effect from time to time are incorporated into this Agreement by reference. Facilities, equipment, hours, service, regulations and policies are subject to change from time to time, without prior notice, in the sole discretion of VIP Fit Club and its affiliates. Member agrees to accept such reasonable change(s) as a condition of membership. Member additionally recognizes:

a. Under no circumstances shall Member move exercise equipment or use the equipment in any

manner not authorized by VIP Fit Club.

b. Member will not misuse the equipment.

c. All members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, unless otherwise authorized by VIP Fit Club.

d. VIP Fit Club shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen items

6. PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.  No outdoor shoes. Alcohol, drugs (including steroids), and smoking are prohibited within the Facility. Member agrees not to use the Facility or engage in any activity at VIP Fit Club while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication that may impair Member's ability to operate the equipment. No weapons of any kind are allowed.

7. DRESS POLICY. VIP Fit Club requires that members wear appropriate clothing and footwear while in the Facility. Appropriate clothing includes gym shorts, T-shirts, jogging suits, aerobic wear and sweat outfits. Street clothing and jeans are not considered appropriate clothing. Street shoes and black-soled shoes are prohibited within the Facility.


  •          Basic 24/7 Gym Membership $29.99/month (EFT)
  •          Silver Membership: $49.99/month for 2 classes/week & 24/7 gym
  •          Gold Membership: $69.99/month for 3 classes/week & 24/7 gym (EFT)
  •          Platinum Membership: $99.99/month for unlimited classes & 24/7 gym                (EFT)
  •         Drop In Rate:  Member $8.00/class                 Non-Member $15.00/class
  •          Add on’s:
  •  Training plans/nutritional plans offered: Pricing upon request
  •  Personalized Health & Nutrition consultations by appt. only
  •          Personal Training: $75.00 per hour. $600/10 sessions $1000/20 session
  •          Annual and Family Memberships available
  •          Military  & First Responder's Discount  available
  •             ( USE COUPON CODE) - VIPVET Must provide credential upon enrollment to verify

9. SUSPENSION AND TERMINATION. I understand that VIP Fit Club may suspend or terminate my membership at any time, in its sole and absolute discretion, for non-payment of Membership Fees or for violation of any of VIP Fit Club policies and procedures, and that in so doing, VIP Fit Club assume no further liability to adhere to the terms of this Agreement.

10. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS. As a Member, I understand that I am entitled to use the Facility

within the scope of the membership that I have selected, and that I am obligated to pay my dues and fees regardless of whether or not I use the Facility. I agree to promptly update VIP Fit Club any change in my contact information (including address, telephone number or email address) or change in credit information.

I certify that I have read the foregoing Membership Agreement, and that by signing below, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions hereof. I further acknowledge that a fully executed copy of this Membership Agreement has been provided to me.

Step 2: Billing Details
Step 3: Payment Information
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